5 Ways to Motivate Yourself When You’re Just Not Feeling It

Yesterday I just wasn’t feeling it.   Perhaps it was the fact that my allergies made me feel like my sinuses were squeezed between a medieval torture device, or my grumpiness at seeing chocolate EVERYWHERE with the full knowledge that I’m not allowed to eat that right now, or maybe because it was a Tuesday in Austin.  Who knows.

Anyway, lack of motivation is part of the fitness process.  Contrary to Facebook and Instagram postings, you’re not gonna kill it every day.  Sometimes just showing up is a victory in and of itself.  With that in mind…

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself When You’re Just Not Feeling It

  1. Positive Reinforcement.  I’m a mostly positive person, so let’s start there.  My evening cardio consisted of intervals on the stationary bike mixed with plyo moves (things like jump squats and lunge jumps).  My cardio buddy couldn’t make it that night, but she did text me, “Show that bike who’s boss!”
    This is my boss, the bike.
    This is my boss, the bike.

    Sadly, the bike was my boss, but at least I showed up to work, right?  And her text encouraged me to complete the entire routine.

  2. Negative Reinforcement.  If I know there is no consequence for my behavior, I will totally slack off.  That’s why I pay a trainer to be mean to me.  I missed one cardio session (1) during this show prep when my eyes were dilated and I didn’t want to drive in the rain and it was 30 degrees and I didn’t want to freeze on the treadmill in my garage.  And I was dumb enough to mention this to my trainer.  Holy sh** he kicked my ass with leg day from hell!
    Skipped cardio = pain
    Skipped cardio = pain

    Of course I wasn’t going to miss cardio last night; I enjoy walking.  (If you would like to read about me getting in trouble, you can do so here:  DSST:  I Skipped Cardio.)

  3. Bribery.  If gifts are involved, training becomes way more interesting.  Sometimes I will sweat with the goal of getting to eat my favorite protein bar, which is really more like an Oreo cookie, and I’m not sure where the protein comes from but I’m not going to look too hard because it tastes like a cookie, you know?  Also, if I’ve been wearing nothing but old ratty sweats to the gym, I will treat myself to wearing a new pretty outfit, like these pants from my sponsor Shine Athletica.
    Fierce pants from Shine Athletica
    Fierce pants from Shine Athletica

    Bribery is useful for reaching milestones too, like if I lose 10 pounds I will get a massage or if I run 3 miles I will go to my favorite book store that weekend.

  4. Laughter.  Oh, social media with your pudgy squirrels that say, “I’m bulking, shut up!” and people brave enough to post their own epic fails in 15 second intervals, you keep me laughing and therefore my butt planted on that bike until the set is done.  squirrel bulkingPlus, laughter releases endorphins, which is something you need to get rid of your “not feelin’ it” mood sometimes.
  5. Music.  Numerous studies show that listening to music while exercising helps you stick with it longer and can help you keep a good pace.  Last night, after cardio, I had to practice my bikini poses.  Nothing says, “sexy” like trying to pose when you have a runny nose and itchy eyes from allergies.  So I turned on a mix of songs ranging from bubble gum pop to 90’s gansta rap and by the end I was strutting my stuff in front of the locker room mirrors and having a good time.
Peekaboo!  Posing in the locker room, listening to Tupac
Peekaboo! Posing in the locker room, listening to Tupac

Not every workout will be noteworthy.  A healthy lifestyle requires you to put in consistent and continuous effort no matter what you feel like that day.  Hope that helps!

How about you?  What things to you do to get yourself to the gym when you’re not feeling it?

Lisa ;)

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