Chill the Eff Out

This is now my 5th bodybuilding competition.  You’d think that I’d be pretty mellow about the process by now.  You’d think…

And yet…

I TOTALLY FREAKED OUT THE OTHER DAY…because Thursday was my 7 week out mark from the Arnold Amateur and even though I’m reconditioning my body and fit into my skinniest skinny jeans, the weight on the scale is still at the highest it’s ever been at this point in the process…because I started at such a heavier weight…because I fell into the emotional eating trap when my mom was going through chemo.weigh-in1

And no one at the Arnold is going to know/care about my emotional eating issues because they are all going to be facing their own issues and/or feeling great because they started at a good place and just kept getting better.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know that somewhere around week 7 I freak out.  For my first show (bikini division) I said to my trainer, “I’ll never lose the weight!  I’m going to look stupid on stage!”  For my third show I said to my trainer, “I’ll never gain lean muscle mass!  I’m going to look stupid on stage!”  For my fourth show (fitness) I said to my choreographer, “I’ll never learn the dance steps to the fitness routine!  I’m going to look stupid on stage!”  And now that I’m back to bikini division…I said to my trainer, Robin, “I’ll never lose the weight!  Those chicks are the Arnold are going to eat me alive!”freak out

Yes, we’re back full circle to “I’ll never lose the weight in time for the show!” panic attacks.

And Robin kindly and patiently said what all my previous trainers said as well, that great Obamaism:  “Chill the fuck out.  I got this.”  What he actually said was, “Let me worry about your weight.  That’s my job.  Your job is to follow the plan.  You’ll be ready.”Obama Chill the f out

I know he’s right, but if I didn’t have at least one panic attack I wouldn’t be me.  Also, let’s face it, if I were a calm person my blog would be named and not

Hope your Monday is stress free.  If not, feel free to vent.  What’s freaking you out right now?

Lisa ;)

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