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Did everyone have a nice Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Festivus holiday?  (FYI – Festivus is a goofy holiday created by the TV show Seinfeld back in 1997 and is celebrated on December 23.  People gather around an aluminum pole to contrast the commercialism of the holidays, and then take turns airing their grievances about how they disappointed each other during the year.)

In my family Christmas Eve is the big celebration.  We usually go to the 7pm mass, and follow it up with tons of high calorie appetizers like pigs-in-blankets, chocolate chip cookies and shrimp cocktail (with lots of alcoholic cocktails too) and then each of us gets to open one gift.  (We open the rest Christmas morning.)

Christmas Eve cheat meal
Christmas Eve cheat meal

This year was special because it was the first time that my mother went to mass since moving to Texas.  (She has been receiving Communion at home to avoid crowds during chemo), but Christmas just isn’t Christmas without going to church, so we made the trip.  I have to tell you – having that little handicap placard is a fabulous thing when you are trying to find parking on Christmas Eve.  Obviously, it would be better if my mother didn’t need a walker, but at least it has it’s perks.

My family
My family

My kids got everything under the sun.  Each year we all tell each other that we’re not going to go overboard…We went overboard.  But it’s so much fun giving gifts.  I love the ones my kids made for me.

For my husband, Henri, I was pretty psyched to get him the Breaking Bad action figure of Walter White.  Theses “toys” were notoriously pulled from the shelves of Toys ‘R’ Us on the first day ’cause, you know, they were action figures of crystal meth dealers.  So I had to buy it online.  Go

And speaking of Amazon, thanks to all of you who bought my book, She’s Losing It! and tagged me in photos of you holding up the book.  As a writer it was so exciting to see that and I really appreciate your support!  (Daniel, the trainer who helped me lose all the weight, sent me a text that his mom was buying the book.  That was pretty cool.)

As for me, I had a Merry Fitness Christmas!  I got a rack full of dumbbells up to 40 lbs. so I can workout at home when I need to…

No excuses!  I can lift from home now
No excuses! I can lift from home now

Lifting straps so I can lift heavier when I do my workouts at 24 Hour Fitness…lifting-strapsCool sneakers and socks from Reebok so my feet are in fashion…reebok-sneakers-socksA Jaxx Shaker Cup so I can pretend to be a hipster…jaxx-shaker-cupAnd a funny Shoebox card from my brother, since he knows I’m trying to grow my guns.snowmen-card

Tomorrow is my iMovie class at the Apple store.  It’s turning out to be a really great holiday!  How about you?  How was your holiday?

Lisa ;)

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