Grow a Pair

You know how sometimes you will go out with a friend and say, “Hey, I really like your boots.  I think I’ll buy the same ones.  Where did you buy them?”  Well (confession here) my bodybuilder friends talk like that about body parts, as in, “OMG!  I want your arms!  What exercises are you doing?”

My friend, Obidia, has chiseled arms, even in a resting state.  So I decided I’m gonna grow a pair…of biceps.  The other night we worked out at 24 Hour Fitness and did machine curls.  It was her first time to the gym in six weeks (she went back to work and then her baby boy was sick on and off since Thanksgiving) and even with the lack of exercise she was still lifting 50 lbs. and barely broke a sweat.  See how pretty she looks?


This is me lifting the same weight.

Me giving birth to biceps
Me giving birth to biceps

Yes, I look like I’m going through child labor, but that’s not the point.  The point is:  I lifted the weight.  (Full disclosure:  I wanted to reduce it to 40 lbs. and she said, “Come on, Lisa, you want my arms, don’t you?”  Which brings me to another point:  It’s always good to workout with a friend who knows how to push your buttons to make you lift heavier.)

How about you?  Do you chose a specific body part to focus on when you work out?

Lisa ;)

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