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Writing a book is often referred to as a labor of love.  My book, She’s Losing It! has lately felt like just labor minus the epidural.

She’s Losing It! is a memoir about how I lost 50 lbs. at age 38 by entering a bodybuilding competition. It’s like Pumping Iron, only if Tina Fey played Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ultimately it’s a Rocky for moms who find the inherent humor of combining strength training with potty training.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

There were so many stages to bringing it to book life:  1- living it (this is a memoir after all), 2-blogging about the journey to my first competition, 3-turning the blog in a book during NaNoWriMo challenge (No Plot? No Problem!), 4- Edit, Edit, Edit and Edit some more (thanks Editor Jamie Armstrong!), and 5- publish using CreateSpace.

Ah, CreateSpace.  It seemed so easy.  Just click the upload button and your manuscript is suddenly a book!  Only…only…

I couldn’t upload the fool thing.  And I tried for like a week.  After speaking to several customer service people, they pulled out the big guns:  they assigned my case to Project Team 6.  (I wonder if they are somehow like the publishing version of Navy Seal Team 6?  Total badass writer-techies who could solve the great upload mystery.)  Their assessment?  I was doing it wrong.Typing

I begged them to just let me email them my manuscript in Word, but they wouldn’t budge.

“But Lisa,” you say, “It sounds so easy.  How difficult could it possibly be to upload a Word document?”  Well, let me remind you that I am the same person who got kicked off of Twitter on the first day (#FF and Twitterspeak) and believes whole-heartedly that the “F” in Facebook stands for FU Lisa (Facebook Keeps Getting Me Into Trouble!).

Anyway, I had to sneak around Project Team 6 and spoke to a new person.    “Please, please, please let me email you the document!  For the life of me I can’t upload this thing.  Have pity on your elders!  I’m older than Justin Beiber’s father!”

“Someone,” we’ll say from Project Team 4, took pity on me and now I’m a week away from getting my author copy of the book!  Once it arrives, and I give the final approval, it will be available for sale on and I will do the dance of joy.

How about you?  What is making you dance for joy today?

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