Operation Skirt Zip

Although it’s late, after this post is done I will be doing a little cardio.  Why?  Operation Skirt Zip.  As in: I really want to be able to fit into my red skirt and zip it shut in time for  our family portrait.  Time is running out of the calorie countdown clock.red-suit-dress

I’ve been doing pretty well; only had my cheat on chemo day, and was able to eat mostly clean the rest of the week.  During times like these I fall back on bodybuilding basics, which is to say that I’ve been slowly increasing my protein, cutting down complex carbs, and reducing my fats to just before bed.  The other thing I’ve been doing is cardio 50 minutes per day 6 days per week and strength training at least 3 times, sometimes more, per week.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I look forward to that tablespoon of peanut butter before bed.  Last night I was giving the spoon so much love my husband got jealous.

How about you?  Are you working on any goals right now?

Lisa ;)

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