Calm Before the Storm

Two major events happen this week:  my mother goes to the oncologist tomorrow to get her treatment game plan and my son has Kindergarten Orientation.  Oh my.  In preparation for these things, I’m trying to get myself grounded again.

Goodbye cookies, hello vegetables!
Goodbye cookies, hello vegetables!

I went grocery shopping for healthy foods and we’ve been clean eating since we arrived.  For the first time in six weeks I went to the gym and lifted weights.  It was divine.

Hello Stair Monster.  It's me, Lisa
Hello Stair Monster. It’s me, Lisa

I did 30 minutes of cardio on the stepper, a basic back/bicep workout, and played Tetris in the sauna for about 14 minutes.  I felt a little guilty for taking so long; but everyone keeps telling me that I have to take care of myself too and man did I need the stress relief!

Bad hair day
Bad hair day

Henri bought the kids all their new clothes and school supplies while I was in New Jersey, so the only thing left to do was get their outrageously overgrown hair cut.  Rylee cut off five inches and it’s still long!  Henry went with the spiky look.  Oh, look out kindergarten!

My son has a forehead again.  Who knew?
My son has a forehead again. Who knew?

I usually write out monthly goals and check back at the end of the month.  Even though we’re part way through the month, I wanted to get back to my routine, and that includes goal setting.  Goals

1. Get my mom set up on a treatment plan.  2.  Do a back-to-school boot camp for my kids this week that includes going to bed at 8 pm, waking up early and practicing some basic math and writing.  (Ask me how much they are going to love this…)  3.  Make time in my schedule to get to the gym for stress relief and do food prep so I don’t have to cook every night.  I have to keep myself healthy so I can care for everyone else.  4.  Take my computer to the repair guy because the Enter button isn’t working and it’s annoying the hell out of me.  How about you?  Do you have any goals before the end of summer rush?  

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  1. My goal is to go clothes shopping for Jayden, clean her bedroom and play area in the basement and make everything neat and organized for her to do her homework. Oh and get to the pool 🙂

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