This Sport Messed Me Up

This morning I was working out back/biceps/shoulders with my friend from the pole dancing studio and I was commenting how much my forearms hurt from yesterday’s session (more on that later…)

“That’s how I know if women at a yoga class do pole fit – they have more developed forearms.”

“Really?  You look at forearms?” I laughed.  “But you know what?  Bodybuilding totally messed up my perspective on how I look at people now.  Like, I used to go to the gym and if a guy had a six pack stomach and nice biceps I thought, “Wow.  This guys is ripped.”  Now, I don’t even look at his torso, I look straight at his legs.  If he has a barrel chest balanced on two chicken legs, I’m like, ‘Do you even lift?'”

Come to think of it, when I was running a lot I used to look at men’s T-shirts.  If they were wearing a cotton T-shirt I thought two things:

1 – “Ouch, I feel bad for your nipples,” (’cause after a long run they will be raw from all the friction against the cotton shirt) and 2 – “Do you even run?”  (OK – I would not have said ‘Do you even run?’ – I’ve been watching too many BroScience videos on YouTube.  But I would have totally thought, “Hey, this person is probably new to running and doesn’t know about DryFit shirts yet or putting bandaids over their nipples yet.  Poor guy!”)

My point here is that after you do a sport for awhile it seems to change your perspective and you can easily spot the elites as well as the newbies.

So my question to you is:  Do you even lift?  How has your favorite sport changed your perspective? 

Oh, completely switching subjects, I finished filming my audition video yesterday.  I’m not going to quit my day job, but I had fun.  My friend taught me how to edit video clips on iMovie, so I’m working on that for this week so I can show it to you.

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4 thoughts on “This Sport Messed Me Up

  1. So many things i need to do- calves- forearms and traps are weakness. i do see guys who never seem to train legs- I guess its a thing whrere its too hard or boring for people. I have been putting off legs but I have to do them today. So Do I lift?
    Only my balls to the wall pretty pretty.

    1. From a bodybuilding perspective, symmetry is important, so if you forget your legs, you look unbalanced. This is a reason why dumbbells are used more than machines – you naturally have one side that is stronger than the other, and when you use dumbbells you can see where your strengths and weaknesses are.

      Friends don’t let friends forget leg day. 😉

  2. My favorite sport has definitely changed my perspective as well. Just like your friend, when seeing someone in the gym with a well defined upper body but chicken legs, I too think that this person aren’t lifting correctly.
    Well done on doing the audition tape. A load of your shoulders.

    1. Thanks 🙂 Sometimes when I see a person lifting wrong, I just show them the right way so they don’t hurt themselves.

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