Fitness Calendar

Ah ha!  I actually have a fitness game plan now.

  • January – Get back with the program.  Eat clean, train hard.
  • February – Submit my audition tape for the Capital of Texas Aerial Championships (that’s fancy for pole dancing competition.)  Also, turn 40.  (There will be alcohol involved on that day.)

    Bikini Winners - Texas Shredder
    Bikini Winners – Texas Shredder
  • April – Texas Shredder.  I’m doing the figure division only for this show.
  • May – Hopefully, I’ll be in the pole dancing competition, in the Master’s and/or Amateur Division.   Mid month my team is considering doing a Spartan Run together.  (More about that in another post.)
  • July – Fitness Universe.  I’ll be doing the fitness routine!  Let’s hear it for gymnastics!!

    NPC News magazine
    NPC News magazine
  • August – Blogger convention
  • October/November – Another fitness competition.  Not sure if I want to go with NPC or Fitness Universe, but I have time to decide.

Yay!  I love being organized!  How about you?  Do you have a fitness event calendar?

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4 thoughts on “Fitness Calendar

  1. Umm, I just bought a Fitbit Zip to track my steps, distance and calories. I have been on my treadmill everyday check out Instagram @photoadele72 and doing my Pilates and strengthening every day if I’m not fatigued. For those that don’t know me I have MS and Fibro, and I’m a pro photographer. And a mommie.

  2. I don’t have one. For now I need to focus on getting my business up and running. Maybe later on in 2014 I can have a look at the second part of the year regarding fitness and scheduling things.

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