My “Oh, Duh” Moment

When Oprah has an epiphany of clear insight and striking realization, she calls it an “Aha Moment.”  When I have an epiphany that I’ve been making a huge dumb-a** mistake, I call it my “Oh, Duh Moment.” (TM)  (Yes, I’m trademarking that.)Weigh in

Remember how I told you that I started my 12 week show prep diet early because I over indulged and need to get myself to a better starting point for my starting point?  Well, typically my magical 12 week show prep diet knocks off 3-5 pounds in the first week.  But this did not happen for me this week.

Why, oh why?  Was the universe punishing me for eating an exorbitant amount of Mom’s apple pie?  (The Universe:  “Your diet’s not working.  How you like them apples?”)  Was my metabolism giving me my 40th birthday gift of a giant slow down a month early?  Were my jeans just playing a practical joke on me by not zipping all the way?

I was following my meal plan fairly religiously, upped my cardio, hit my strength training like I meant it, and then relaxed with a cup pot of coffee.  With vanilla creamer.  It says it’s fat free, so what could possibly be wrong?Creamer

Let’s see.  Let’s do a little math.  (I hate math, so I’ve been avoiding this calculation.) The serving size is 1 TBSP, so I use 3.  Each serving has 30 calories and 5 g of sugar.  1 pot of coffee is about 8 cups.  So 30 calories x 3 = 90 calories per cup x 8 cups =

720 calories!?!  Oh, Duh.

To overcome these obstacles, I switched back to two drops of vanilla extract in my coffee, which is what I did all last year.  It helps, but doesn’t taste as good as creamer, so I guess I’ll be drinking more water than coffee for the next 14 weeks.Vanilla extract

So what did we learn from this post?

  1. Vanilla creamer is a sneaky little bastard, and
  2. I still hate math because it won’t let me drink vanilla creamer.

How about you?  Did you ever have an “Oh, Duh Moment”?

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4 thoughts on “My “Oh, Duh” Moment

  1. That’s crazy that it ended up being so many calories! Wow, it really is sneaky. My oh duh moment came when it took me a couple years to realize that it doesn’t make sense to eat the exact same amount of food every single day, especially when some days involve no exercise and some days involve a lot.

  2. And not only the calories but also the sugar content. 5g per tbsp. Wowzer! That’s a lot.
    Good luck with the weight loss. It will come, stay strong.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I couldn’t believe how much sugar I was drinking without even really realizing it. Yikes!

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