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Did you ever read the book The Secret?  It was wildly popular in 2006.  The film version was playing the other night and I began to watch it.  (Spoiler alert – The “secret” is the power of attraction, i.e. – what you think about/focus on, whether it is something positive or negative, will eventually be drawn to you.)

Anyway, one of the people being interviewed told the story of Aladdin and the genie, where Aladdin finds a lamp with a genie inside who grants him three wishes, only the person in the movie said that in the original story the wishes weren’t limited to just three, he could have whatever he wished for all of eternity.  The man said to think of the genie as the universe at large, or God, or whatever name you’d like to give that force, and realize that the ability to fulfill your dreams is limitless; you just have to ask.

I guess the biblical equivalent would be, “Ask and ye shall receive.”  Well, this was playing on my mind as I kept seeing all these end of year top movie lists and wishing I was able to see them.  I used to be an actress and I loved watching movies and the Oscars and getting lost in the stories.

Without realizing it, I guess the universe answered me.  Today I picked up my mail and received not one, but six (6) free DVDs from the Screen Actors Guild, all of them movies that I had lamented not being able to see!  (I used to get free movies all the time during the SAG Award nominating time, but all that stopped during the Great Recession.  I guess the recession is really over!)  Thanks universe and SAG nominated movies for sending me your work.  🙂

Movies nominated for SAG Awards

Movies nominated for SAG Awards

So now that I know this whole “ask the universe/genie/God” really works, Ima have to think of some good things to ask for.  A faster metabolism?  Fat-free-gluten-free-sugar-free chocolate chip cookies that taste like the real thing?  Having a good hair day after running on a treadmill?!?  The possibilities are endless!!!

If you knew your wishes would be answered – what would you ask for?

Oh, FYI – Here’s my Buffy the Vampire Slayer clip from when I was 25.  (I still get $3.94 royalties every quarter.  Who knew?)

[wpvideo 2iERccuM]

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  • David Connolly

    Peace on earth. A stop to corruption and police mis-conduct.


      Much more noble than mine! And all good ones 🙂

  • leannenalani

    Wow, that is so cool. You get to watch those movies at home? Nice. And Buffy was one of my favorite TV series as a teen! What season was that from?


      Yep – I’ve made it through 2 of the 6 so far. RE: Buffy, I was in Season 4 and the episode was named “Beer Bad”. The only reason why I know that is because it’s written on my royalty checks. 🙂

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