Arthritis RX

We’ve spoken about how it feels to live with arthritis and now we’re focusing on some ways to to help you reduce pain, enhance mobility, and decrease your dependence on medication.  Sports medicine specialist, Vijay Vad, MD, recently came out with a yoga and Pilates based workout DVD titled Arthritis RX.Arthritis RX

Let by expert instructor Stephanie Culen, the DVD offers three levels suitable for varying skill levels.  The beginners program helps increase flexibility, the intermediate exercise build strength, and the advanced level improves endurance.

Dr. Vad provides a step-by-step tutorial of the exercises and explains why they are effective.  This program has been endorsed by Joy Behar, of the Joy Behar Show and co-host for The View.  Dr. Vad has also authored several books including Stop Pain, Arthritis RX and Back Rx and has appeared on several PBS Specials about arthritis.

Dr. Vijay Vad
Dr. Vijay Vad

If you, or someone you know, has arthritis, this might be the right workout.  The DVD is approximately 70 minutes and on sale now for $19.99.

Stay healthy!

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