Daniel answers 2 diet questions

Daniel Rufini

Hi guys,

Here are Daniel’s answers to two questions emailed me about The Bikini Diet:

Question #1 – Is there something significant about the fruits given? I’d rather have raisins in my oatmeal. But I know sugar control is important for body building.

Daniel’s Answer – If you are going to use fruit in your oatmeal, berries are the best choice due to the enzymes in the berries.  Yes, raisins have dietary fiber, but you are getting enough fiber in the oatmeal.

Question #2 – Is any alcohol allowed? How about after the month?

Daniel’s Answer – The thing about alcohol is that is slows your metabolism down and takes 2-3 days for the toxins to be completely out of your system. Your body is working on pushing the toxins out before it can work on anything else.

Thanks, Daniel!


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