American Grit – Episode 2 – My Reaction

Episode 2 of American Grit – “Ice Cubed” – had to be the most insane thing I’ve seen on TV in a really long time.  If you thought last week’s circus was crazy (which it was) hold on to your coach because this week the ambulances were called in.  For real.  On the plus side, my team, #TeamNoah is kicking ass, baby!

#TeamNoah – Win #2!!!

Here is a YouTube video with my behind the scenes take on the many ups and downs of American Grit.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re in luck!  FOX is playing back-to-back episodes tonight (right now, actually) so you can catch up.  Also, you can check it out on the app FOX NOW and/or on Hulu.  As always, I will be live tweeting during next week’s episode (which is a BIG one for me) and I will be at Hanovers in Pflugerville at 7pm on Thursday if you’d like to come to my watch party.

Talk to you soon!