Are You Ready to Be a Weekend Warrior?

There’s still a month left of summer and it’s the perfect time for you to focus on you.  I’m happy to report that I will be training all day on Saturdays at MVP Elite Fitness in Round Rock to accommodate new clients!

Lisa, you had me at hello!  How do I sign up?  Click here:  Personal Training

Need more details?  Read on…

Why Train with me?

Results.  But don’t take my word for it.  This is Karelin.  She lost 18 lbs. and 18 1/2 inches in 4 months and won 2nd place in a transformation competition.


“I can’t Thank my trainer enough , she has not only transformed me but my family as a whole. Thanks to my trainer Lisa Traugott for believing in me.Lots of early mornings, lots of food prep and lots of bad language while we trained.(I do believe it makes you train harder). This competition is truly a showcase.
5 kids 2 grandkids
I feel like I have already won.”

What Is The SLI Method?

In a nutshell, the SLI Method is everything I spent thousands of dollars to learn through years of bodybuilding distilled down into a simple to follow system.  There are three parts:  Food Science, Exercise Sculpting and Mental Strength.  I design programs for my clients that provide proper nutrition, specific exercises to target problem areas and tricks to get you past your own mental blocks preventing you from getting to your ideal weight.

I’m not gonna lie:  It’s hard.  My job as your trainer is to give you the tools and hold you accountable.  Your job is to put in the work and be consistent.  No one is born on the top of the mountain, you have to climb there; but when you arrive you will know that you’ve earned it.

Interviewed on FOX26 about the SLI Method

What Are My Qualifications?

I’ve been a personal trainer for almost half a decade now.  I have trained people in person and online from Minnesota to Poland and helped people meet their fitness goals.  Some clients are training for half marathons, others want to lose 100 lbs. by their birthday and some just want more energy to keep up with their kids.

I can relate.  Five years ago my doctor told me I was borderline obese.  (It was not a fun conversation.)  My life was sort of a mess and to cap it off I got an invitation to my 20th high school reunion.  So in desperation I entered a bodybuilding competition, because when you’re middle aged and overweight is there really a better time to enter a bikini competition?  Long story short I lost 50 lbs., became a personal trainer and haven’t looked back.

At age 41 (forty-one!) I won my first bikini competition – Texas State Naturals.  That alone should give people hope.  Last week (at age 43) I just won my first international sports model competition in Costa Rica.  I’ve run four marathons, two Spartan races, and was on a reality TV show with John Cena doing military training exercises in the wilderness with an Olympic Gold medalist sprinter, an Alaskan fisherwoman and a giant lumberjack.

American Grit

I’ve also written a book about how I lost the weight called “She’s Losing It!” – it’s like a Rocky for Moms.  Also, it’s really funny.

How Much Does Training Cost?

I’m offering a special right now:  5 sessions for $249

There is no gym membership fee 🙂

What Do You Get With Training?

Private one-on-one coaching with me in a small trainer’s gym in Round Rock.  Workouts will be tailored to your specific goals and whatever fitness level you are at we’ll start there and build on it.

My client, Shannon

I’ll also give you exercises to do at home on your own during the week.  The exercises will be based on what’s available to you – whether you have access to a gym or you just have some 5 lb. dumbbells at home.

Bonus for Signing Up in August

As an added bonus, you will get a customized suggested meal plan to help you meet your goals.  (You know how people say the diet/exercise ratio is 50/50?  Nah, it’s more like 80% diet.  Trust me.  I stand on stage next to 20 year olds in bikinis and win.  It’s 80% diet.)

Food prep

Does It Have to Be on Saturday?

Right now, yes.  I’m already booked during the week, so only Saturdays are available currently.  If and when space opens up I will let you know.  Space is limited!  I only have 10 time slots available and they are on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Time slots start at 6 a.m.

How Do I Sign Up?

Lisa, you had me at hello!  How do I sign up?  Click here:  Personal Training

Remember, there are only so many hours on a Saturday, so sign up now before they are filled up!

Lisa 🙂

Buy your copy today!

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