How Many Days Until the Spartan Run?

Joe De Sena, co-creator of the Spartan Run events, said in a recent interview that finishing the race is 80% mental and 20% physical.  That’s good, because I’ve spent 0% of my time preparing for it, and the race is in 6 days.  I think this strategy might actually work for me and here’s why:

Spartan Race

Spartan Race

I won’t have time to psych myself out, so I’ll just let my body do the work.  True, I haven’t trained specifically for an obstacle course, but I’ve done strength training at least twice a week for the past two years, and we do burpees every weekend at booty camp, so I should be able to do most of the tasks.  And while I have not climbed a muddy rope, I have climbed a pole while it was spinning, so that has to translate somehow.  In theory.

Also, the only goal established is to finish the race.  I’m not doing it for time or to set a personal record, so I’m not going to get sucked into racing against the guy next to me.  My husband and some friends from my bodybuilding team will be running with me too.  Life is better when your friends drink the same crazy KoolAid as you 😉

And, hey, let’s not forget the obvious here:  I still have six days to train for it!  Burpees anyone?

How about you?  Have you ever done an event with limited preparation?

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