Here’s my Pole Dance video

I did it!  Not only did I learn how to pole dance, I also learned how to upload a video to YouTube!  (I know…)

This clip shows some of my bloopers as well as the actual audition video sent in to the competition.  If nothing else, it was a lot of fun.  Enjoy!

What do you think of my first YouTube video?

Lisa 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Here’s my Pole Dance video

  1. I think you have a great sense of humor and the video was a lot of fun. You should do more bloggy YouTube videos along with your regular posts just for fun. Congratulations!

  2. That was awesome! You are super funny in the vlog portion and did a great job with the dancing, especially that last couple of moves and spins!

    1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun learning the dance and how to make a vlog. More will follow on both counts 😉

  3. Aww, for some reason, I get a message that it is blocked in my country for copy right something or other because of the music in the video. Everyone else can see it, though. I feel cheated, I tell ya!! Lol.

  4. Never worked when I tried again. I thought you were awesome!! I really loved that last move….so beautiful and sexy. Yes, you were hot!

  5. GREAT video – loved hearing the whole story and seeing you dance. You did great. I can’t wait to hear if you got in (I sure think you will) and then to cheer you on in person when you compete!

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