2 Week Countdown to Pole Video!

Brenna - pole instructor
Brenna – pole instructor

Only two weeks until I have to video my pole audition routine for the Capital of Texas Aerial Championships.  Yikes!  Today was Pole Level 2 with Brenna.  (She actually WON the competition last year…)

Best part of the class?  One of the women was having trouble doing a spin and said, “Hey, my pole’s broken.”  By the end of class she was able to do it and I said, “Looks like the pole’s working again!”  (She said it was ok for me to blog about it.)

Anyway, my biggest fear is the spinning pole, mostly because I’m afraid I’m going to fall off the pole and kill myself while others watching will just die laughing at me.  Oh well, whether you laugh with me or laugh at me, at least I made you laugh.

How about you?  How are your fitness pursuits going?


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