Chef Irvine’s Fit Crunch

Do you ever watch the Food Network?  Chef Robert Irvine has a show called Dinner: Impossible, where he creates culinary masterpieces under extreme conditions.  But I actually knew of him not from TV, but from Muscle & Fitness magazine.  He’s a chef, but he pumps iron too, and he offers high protein recipes to people trying to grow muscle.

That’s why I was so excited to try his new whey protein isolate Fit Crunch Baked Bars.  I sampled two flavors: peanut butter and cookies and cream.  Hands down, they were the best protein bars I ever tasted.  Like ever.

Fit Crunch - Cookies and Cream
Fit Crunch – Cookies and Cream

The top layer was sweet and there was a nice crunch underneath.  You could tell the bars were made by a chef; they tasted like dessert.  Keeping it real though, despite their chocolaty deliciousness, I would not eat them during show prep (the 12 weeks prior to a bikini competition) due to their fat content.  That said, there is such a thing as off season 😉 Also, I know that most of you reading this blog are not training for a bodybuilding competition, just looking for a way to balance health and convenience.Fit Crunch bar

If you are a person who enjoys protein bars as a meal replacement, I think you would probably really like these.  Each serving has 30 grams of protein.  As mentioned, they taste great, and unlike some other protein bars I’ve sampled, they are very filling.  Fit Crunch nutrition label

I also got a chance to read his book Mission: Cook!  He’s led a fascinating life – from feeding thousands of refugees on a beach in South Yemen during a civil war, to preparing feasts for celebrities and the President of the United States,  to getting his own TV show.  My favorite story was about his own humble beginnings, accidentally stumbling into a job for the Royal Family after preparing stir-fry for Prince Charles, not having a clue that he was serving a prince!

Mission: Cook!
Mission: Cook!

Whether feeding the famous or the faceless, his aim is to leave each person satisfied.  I like the way he interweaves stories with recipes and his food philosophies.

He’s definitely someone I’d like to invite over for dinner.  Or over a Fit Crunch Bar.  If you’d like to order a bar, click on their website here:

How about you?  Do you like protein bars?

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