My First Puppy

We have a new addition to our family.  He’s an 8 week old English bulldog named Bruno.  (Personally, I voted to name him Vinny the Chin, but since no one else like the mafia like I do, I was overruled.  In fairness though, my son wanted to name him Minion Santa Claus, so I guess in this instance democracy worked out for the best.)

Meet Bruno.

Meet Bruno.

I never had a dog before because, honestly, dogs scare the crap out of me.  My first memory of a dog was when I was about three years old and my uncle sat me on top of his giant black dog, Clyde.  I had fun but Clyde did not.  When no one was looking Clyde cornered me in the kitchen and began growling at me.  We were eye to eye and I thought he was going to bite out both of mine.  (My mom rescued me.)

When I was ten my best friend Meghan and I were chased by an angry Rottweiler that got loose in our neighborhood.  We split up and ran in different directions.  Meghan managed to get inside my house with the dog jumping against the door as it closed and then he went after me.  There was construction going on nearby, so I climbed to the top of a mountain of gravel and curled into the fetal position, covering my face and head to look invisible.  My dad came out of the house and pulled the dog away acting like he was just trying to play and the owner came to bring his demonic beast back home, surely to feed it other small children in the neighborhood.

I used to hate dogs, especially when they were trying to eat me.  The only time I ever fell in love with a dog was when I rescued the cutest puppy ever only to discover that I had rescued a Pit-bull.  Michael Vick would have been proud.  We found the dog’s owner and that was my last interaction with the canine crowd.

Until last weekend.

The kids had been bugging us for years to get a pet and the only thing holding us back was my fear of being mauled, so I decided it was time to stop being a scaredy-cat and get a dog.

My husband, Henri, and I scoured the internet ads and drove to San Antonio to check out two sets of puppies.

Some puppies we met

Some puppies we met

Bruno was in a laundry basket with his brother and sisters and I knew right away that he was the one.

Henri liked his sister, but she kept nipping at everyone, including me and I was all, “Ah hell, no.  Get that b**ch away from me!”  But Bruno?  Bruno was gentle and loving and he put his little wrinkly face in the palm of my hand and from that instant on he just owned me.

Rylee with Bruno

Rylee with Bruno


The kids were thrilled, especially Rylee.  She can even decipher his “I need to pee” cry from his “I’m bored, pet me” cry.

Since brining him home I’ve learned quite a few things about dogs, like how much they enjoy eating sneaker shoelaces and math books. We’ve played the “Find the Poop” game.  Several times…  And that they don’t care if it’s Christmas or not, if it’s under the tree they will attempt to open it.  And eat the ornaments.  And tree branches.

He's so busted

He’s so busted

But when he cuddles up with me and the kids I wonder why I waited this long to get a dog.

Little Henry with the notorious B

Little Henry with the notorious B

Lisa 🙂

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